Meal Plan

My fitness journey started about two years ago, when I first time ever joined the gym. I started to workout with trainer to get into routine of exercising. I was consistent for about 4 months, after which I had minor arm injury and I wasn't able to exercise. It wasn't until December 2018, when I [...]

October Favourites

Some of my favourite products this month included beauty products, fashion and new gym I have joined. Beauty products I have been using lately are new face mask, new highlighter and hair styling products that are game changer for curly and wavy hair. I am on the ban wagon for the combat boots and there [...]

Summer look

Lately, I have been drawn to black and white outfits, monochromatic black or white and mix of the two. I feel like this will be my colour combination for upcoming season. I have mentioned in the previous post that I am working on creating another Instagram account where I would share black and white outfits, [...]

July favourites

Can you believe July came and it's almost over? I only have few more summer post ready before Fall inspiration rolls in. This year I am not so ready for fall yet, maybe because we had super cold Spring this year. However in preparation for cooler evenings I am drooling over this jacket. My friend [...]


All dressed up and nowhere to go.... this prompted me to think why do we keep clothes for special occasions? Don't get me wrong I am guilty of this as well. Although recently, I am more and more open to wearing my "Sunday clothes" on a Weekday. I believe in enjoying the clothing and accessories [...]

Summer date nights

Summer date nights ideas are endless, anything from city walks, outdoor movie theatres to brunch dates. My favourite are the unplanned ones, It's almost impossible at times, because if you have kids you need to plan just a little in advance to accommodate for child care. 1. Outdoor movie nights! So old school and fun! [...]