Few Tricks I’ve Learned!!!

Starting this year on the right foot or however like you want… If you on your spiritual journey like I have been for past year than you might appreciate todays post.

I started to look into manifestation to improve my life. I wanted better people in my life, I wanted to grow more professionally and I wanted to improve my financial situation.

My most frequent visited mentors and those I have purchased courses from or/and enrolled in their Facebook groups are:

Each of them is unique and special in there own way, teaching, motivating, inspiring and providing valuable content.

If you just starting your spiritual journey, identifying what your desires is the first step. Getting clear what you want to attract and changing your thought day by day. Task not as easy as it seems, believe me I have been there. Another import step after that was to identify as many limited believes as possible.

What do you need to start? Find a person, who speaks to you. Someone who you vibe with, who represents similar values as you. It will be easier for you to follow their directions, exercises and potentially sign up to be in their community.

Outfit: Coat – Lunia Bonder // Sweater – Lord & Tailor // Jeans – H&M // Boots – Isabel Marant // Bag – Yaa & Ama Boutique // Jewelry – Green Bijou // Belt – Hermes



Photos: Fabian Derda


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