How to stay motivated

According to my Facebook memories last year today I was having drinks with the girls and enjoyed presentation from my favourite designer Lunia Bonder, as she visited Canada. Today, my/our reality is much different.

I struggled with anxiety before and I am on the watch for symptoms that can make me spiral out of balance and cause more harm to my body than good. I know myself, my body and what I need to do to protect my mind from going into a bad place.

I have planned for myself what I need to do to stay on track, especially now that I am working from home.

So, today I want to share with you few tips how to stay on-track. How to stay positive, motivated and inspired.

  • Meditation

Calm you mind and reset; this is main benefits I personally get from meditating. It allows me to focus on what I want and not what upsets me. It’s work in progress, but I am loving what the mediation offers me.

  • Working out

I have made a commitment to stay on track with my fitness routine. This has not been easy, but I have made this my priority and I try to exercise 5 times a week. The fantastic thing is that the gyms started to offer a lot of online classes and it has never been easier to get in-home workouts done. For example F45 Burlington offers online workout for $29 a week, check out there website for more details here:

  • Read

I have never been much of a reader, until I have joined book club last year. I found it quite calming and relaxing. If you just find one hour at day for yourself, this could be a game changer.

  • Chat with friends

Facetime, Zoom, House Party:  these are the new wine dated. You can meet and chat to your friends from the comfort of your own home. Its not ideal, but we can still stay connected and support and lift each others spirits.

  • Get outside (backyard, late evening walk, early morning run)

If you can go out, please do. Fresh air helps me to balance my mental state. Even a short walk can help you distance yourself from all the issues we are dealing with.

  • Social Media Break

I have personally had to distance myself from some people on social media. I have made my priority to stay informed and stay positive. People panicking, projecting negative vibrations are not my jam and I refuse to get myself in bad head state because of them. You attract what you project. Positivity ALWAYS!!!!

  • Listen to Webinars

A lot of companies offer free educational webinars and mentoring programs. Take advantage of those and since some of us have a little bit more time on our hands, you can expend your knowledge.

  • Do something new

Maybe you never had time to clean up your closet, pantry or garage. Maybe you wanted to try at home spa or knitting. Whatever it is use this time to enjoy yourself.

  • Take on a challenge

Take on a challenge with someone. It could be something as silly as push-ups or as fun as baking LOL. Make this stay at home thing fun, it necessary. For your mind and your sanity.

  • Enjoy Family time

Until about two weeks ago we had schedules, playdates, school pick-ups, after or before school activities, meetings to attend, business trips etc. Now, majority of us are working from home and we have few extra hours to enjoy with our loved ones. I have personally never played so much hockey in my life LOL. I am so happy to be spending a little more time than regular with my little family.

Stay Healthy, stay positive, better days are coming. You got this

Written by: Paula Derda

Pictures: Fabian Derda

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