Keep Kids Busy

What is currently happening worldwide is something none of us expected. Whether you think people are going mad or you agree with precautions taken, the reality is that children are off school for three week and most of the entertainment places are closed or cancelled.

It scared me to think that for three weeks I need to come up with something to keep my 6 years old occupied.

I have brainstormed and come up with few ideas:

1. Play games: board games, card games etc. Noah loves UNO game, monopoly, twister.

2. Puzzles: I have never been much of a puzzle person, but I have learned to appreciate it as Noah enjoys the activity.

3. Play outdoors: we are big on the street hockey and baseball and try to entertain Noah with bit of those sports.

4. Play inside the house: we also play hockey in the basement. Hide and seek is another great game.

5. Draw: Noah loves drawing and colouring, we often do the drawing competitions. We pick a theme and try to draw to best if our ability. It’s so much fun.

6. Video games: Noah is only allowed to play sport games on PS4. Its a nice break for parents to allow him some solo time. We also enjoy playing in teams.

7. iPad time: Noah is allowed to use iPad for an hour here and there. Often he prefers outdoor play instead of iPad.

8. Movie: we love watching movies together. Popcorn, ice cream and snuggles. This is my personal favourite.

9. Bike rides, hiking, beach walks can be also fantastic to spend quality time outdoors.

I hope you all stay safe and healthy! Wishing you all the best. Xo

Written by: Paula Derda

📸 by: Fabian Derda


  1. Ogi Catherine

    I can remember, when my son was young, that I would listen for if it was a snow day or not. Time at home? We lived in Maine then. I was so glad when it was NOT a snow day. ha

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