How to slow down when you a busy person on the go!

It’s been a minute since we have welcomed New Year and I am sure so many of you have made plans/resolutions that have already been broken cause the life sometimes gets in the way.

We live a fast paste life and trying to keep up with everything and everyone is seriously exhausting.

Prioritize you life

One of the greatest lesson I have learned. You cannot be everything to everyone, either is work or personal life, so prioritizing your life is something that is necessary. Make notes of things that are important, less important and those that can wait.

Put “you” first

After you prioritized your life, be selfish…. take care of your needs! Even if it’s as simple as getting coffee and actually drinking it hot, or have a bath all to yourself or listen to your favourite music. Do you, be you, appreciate you and take care of yourself.

Work smart not hard

Shocking? Yes. Unattainable? Absolutely not. You can and you will accomplish this if you take two first steps; Delegating the work, education, priorities and lastly realistic goals will help you to navigate thru your work, business, carrier with confidence and ability to strategize better to achieve the goal set. And that goal essentially is smart work Ethic.

Written: Paula Derda

Photos: Fabian Derda


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