Vacation Style

Vacation packing tips, how to stay stylish without packing the whole damn closet and more…

1. Plan your outfits, mix and match as much as possible. For me, neutral colours are my best friend as those easily adopt to any outfit. However, if you a colour lover, rock what suits you.

2. Swimwear – have fun with swimwear, especially, if your wardrobe is neutral. Choose fun styles and colours to spice up those holiday looks.

3. All skincare and personal care items to be in small packets to safe space in Luggage. I am fortunate enough that one my besties is skincare guru and she prepares for me skincare products in small compact containers or one time use pockets.  

4. Invest in sunscreen! Separate post is coming on most recommended sunscreen.

Written by Paula Derda

Photos by Fabian Derda

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