Family Vacation: Cuba

It was our first time in Coyo Coco, Cuba, but not first time in Cuba. We keep coming back for the beautiful beaches and friendly locals.

We have traveled extensively to Cuba, mainly Varadero, before we become parents and it was a different kind of vacation, less on the go lol

We went for our honeymoon to Cuba as well, so we are familiar with this island.

Pros and cons of Cuban vacation are as followed:


1. Beautiful beaches, this is something I have not seen in any other countries and I have traveled a lot for work before. The beaches are clean and sand is like flour , for the most part. The resort we currently stayed at didn’t have a spectacular beach, it was more rocks and we didn’t like that very much.

2. People: people are generally nice and very friendly.

3. Safety: It’s safe to step out of the resort. Varadero for example has a beautiful downtown where you can visit local markets and drink real pinacolada. One of the trips we were even invited to a locals home for lobster dinner. This is also when I found out that I’m allergic to shellfish.

4. Rooms are cleaned everyday and towels are replaced daily.

5. it is safe to leave your belongings on the beach. Obviously anything can happen but generally it was safe to leave a beach bag unattended without anything missing.


1. Food: there are two parts to this. First is that if you are on the smaller island there is no city nearby to go and get food in the supermarket. Also, I use a term supermarket very loosely as there is no such a thing. All goods sold at the store are non branded and definitely not something that you are used to see in your local grocery store. It’s not a bad thing, but if you are used to certain brands/foods it’s safe to say you will not find it in Cuba. At the duty free you might spot Pringle’s or Nutella for a ridiculously high price. Part two to this paragraph is that if you a picky eater there will be very little choice for you. The fish is great but white chicken meat is non existent or is very little of it. I am so not adventures with my food, so I do struggle a lot while we vacationing in Cuba. Even Noah had issues this time as there were days when they even didn’t have French fries. This time they didn’t have hamburger buns, nor hot dog buns, everything was served on the square brown bread. Could be worse you might say, yes it could be. So I leave the food part for you to judge.

2. Timelines: if you hear a phase “on Cuban or Island time” that means everyone(resort staff) will be late for everything you had planned about 15 min. It doesn’t bother us as family, but I know it might bother some of you.

3. No free wifi, again not something that might bother a lot of people, but since it’s 2020 you would think, wifi is something widely accessible and free in resorts.

4. No room service, for majority of resorts. We love lazy breakfasts in bed and unfortunately in Cuba this is a luxury only few resorts offer.

5. Bugs: we have been bitten by what we think was sand lice. Not too concerning but definitely annoying. Bug spray did not help.

This is in a nutshell pros and cons of Cuban vacations.

Written by Paula Derda

Edited by Fabian Derda

Photos Fabian Derda


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