Simply dressed

If I had to choose between joggers/bodysuit/leather jacket combo and this outfit above I don’t think I could. Absolutely my personal favourite, comfortable, warm and stylish.

All of the pieces are old (from 2 years ago) and older (from 3-6 years old). This is a second season for this Aritzia sweater, six years for the jeans and three years for the satin booties. I care for my wardrobe and accessories by washing those by hand or at the trusted dry cleaners. My go to detergent for clothing is Perwoll. I use few different types for whites, black clothing, colour clothes, gym clothes/shoes and delicates.

Clothes are washed in warm or cold water and I can honestly say that the quality of clothes is still the same after years of use.

Also, satin booties are hard to maintain, especially during wet weather. I usually wash those by hand with detergent and pad to dry.

Edited and written by Paula

Picture: Przemek Nierodkiewicz


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