Rules for not giving a…

As the year ends you might be the person that analysis year that is passing and reflects on things you’ve learned, accomplished or maybe want to improve.

There were many things I have gotten to try this year and one was a very important one, meditation, personal growth and the magic behind not giving a fuck…. Yes, you have read that correctly. The more I have personally evolved, I became more aware of my self-worth, selflove and personal happiness. It has come as shock to me how much I felt used before and how much that bothered me.

How did I started was by listening to my friends going on and on about the meditation and teachings of Abraham Hicks.

Basic principals of loving yourself is to understand that your relationship with yourself is the most important one. You must love and accept yourself first and foremost before you can truly support, accept and evolve in any other relationship. Not an easy task for sure, but it’s so worthed.

Law of attraction as explained by Abraham is something that spoke to me, so even if you are nonbeliever and you find this whole thing a bullshit, give it a try… just for fun.

Outfit Details: Leather Jacket, Joggers and bodysuit – Aritzia // Boots – Chanel // Bag – Prada

Edited and written by Paula Derda

Photos: Christie Ressel


  1. Ogi Catherine

    I know everyone has their own opinion, but I really think Jesus is the way to go. He helps us to value ourselves because of His great love for us. And He takes our lives-which when we find Him-often is a big mess, and can make something truly beautiful of it. Gives us meaning and purpose for our lives.

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    1. pauladerda

      Thank you for this. I don’t disagree with you. I just have my thought of how people interpret religion. I believe in God, I believe he loves us just the way we are. It’s a difficult subject to be covering but I so thank you for your point of view. Marry Christmas to you and yours.


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