Family Tradition – October

It has been awhile since we have done a family tradition edition. Today’s tradition is mini dates or movie dates. Hubby and I love to reserve time for just us two to watch our favourite series or new movie. Its typically Friday or Sunday evening, we would enjoy a glass of wine or hot chocolate and popcorn, must have popcorn.

Life gets crazy at time and we just want to enjoy new hours of quite time together. In addition we also will have family movie nights and snuggle up with Noah and puppy.

We are currently looking for good show to watch, so if you have any recommendations, please let us know. We started to re-watch the old shows like Breaking Bad and Dexter, but it would be fun to find something new.

IMG_7252 (Edited)


Cardigan – Loop & Stitch // Joggers – Reebok // Bodysuit – Aritzia // Combat Boots – Chanel //Bag – LV




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