Meal Plan

My fitness journey started about two years ago, when I first time ever joined the gym. I started to workout with trainer to get into routine of exercising. I was consistent for about 4 months, after which I had minor arm injury and I wasn’t able to exercise.

It wasn’t until December 2018, when I signed up for personal training with Michelle. She completely changed my perception about gym, exercising, heathy leaving and being consistent. She was the motivation I needed.

As much as I was active I wasn’t very considerate of the things I ate. It took time for me to understand that what you eat is as important as how active you are.

I will have my persona fitness journey post on the blog soon.

For the past 6 weeks I have been meal planning and although it’s a time consuming task, it saves us time and money in long run.

I am currently part of F45 community and part of their membership option is a meal plan app. I am not following all of the meals, but I choose healthy choice that are suitable for our family.

How to meal Plan:

  1. Select meals you want to make. If you only making lunches, you should chose two types of protein (fish or meat). If you are making lunches and dinners, consider doing something like chilly or soup, something that easily can be lunch or dinner option without being boring or breaking the bank. Also, the quantity is important. Don’t make too much as you will end you wasting lots of prepared food. If you happen to make more than intended, freezing is a fantastic option.
  2. Make a shopping list. It will help you to pick-up only required items and stay on budget.
  3. I like to wash, cut and prepare all vegetable and meat the night before (for us this is typically Saturday mid-day).
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4. Sundays, I will cook all my meals and pack them in individual containers. We are using plastic containers, as these are the once we had and I didn’t want to throw them away until those are used.


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