Summer look

Lately, I have been drawn to black and white outfits, monochromatic black or white and mix of the two. I feel like this will be my colour combination for upcoming season.

I have mentioned in the previous post that I am working on creating another Instagram account where I would share black and white outfits, but not necessarily black and white photographs. I want this account to be inspiring and allowing me to express my personal preference in style.

I use to think that I was wearing black because it was easy to incorporate into my wardrobe, but little did I know that it was a reflection of my Dramatic personality style.

I love fashion forward clothing preferably in black or red, I love a good quality clothing made with high quality fabrics. The clothing needs to be bold. I love to look decisive, sophisticated, strong, glamorous and innovative.

However Yan (Dramatic) has a Yin and mine is romantic. My romantic personality style is allowing me express my other side of being flirtatious, warm and welcoming.

With romantic personality my fashion is sexy, luxurious and body-conscious.

This is the reason you can see me in a bodysuit and high waisted pants and both are in black colour.

I have never thought about personality style until I was introduced to it thru my bestie Christie Ressel. If you curious to find out your personality style, please inquire with Christie thru her website and many more services she offers.



Till next time,



Photos: Przemek Nierodkiewicz


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