Summer date nights

Summer date nights ideas are endless, anything from city walks, outdoor movie theatres to brunch dates.

My favourite are the unplanned ones, It’s almost impossible at times, because if you have kids you need to plan just a little in advance to accommodate for child care.

1. Outdoor movie nights! So old school and fun! Car, junk food and snuggles under the blanket. Oh! So much fun.

2. Dinners outside on the patio! So so dreamy. Dinner can easy transform into dancing. How fun is that?

3. Wine tour…. this one might be my favourite LOL. This date can go South very quickly, but oh, it will be fun for sure.

4. Hiking and biking date, this one can include zip lining etc. So many fun options.

I myself prefer the movie and dinner kind of night, city walk and endless chats .

Dress – Lunia Bonder// shoes – Stuart Weitzman



Photos: Fabian Derda


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