Body positivity for me is about being healthy, and comfortable in my own skin, and about being happy.

I struggled to accept myself for very long time and I can literally always find something I don’t like about myself. This had transferred into different aspects of my life and the people I have attracted.

The people who always made me feel like a was lesser of a person and I needed to earn their friendship.

Now, when I look at that time of my life I am so sad I ever allowed myself to be so… I almost want to say manipulated.

But the beauty of growing up and evolving is that we change, I have changed. I have grown to accept myself and work on things I can change.

• Excersice, it helps me to release negative energy, built my body to be stronger.

• Books, provide a sense of relaxation and escape.

• Friendships, have a healthy relationships with your friends.

I am by all means not perfect, but I am happy and I think that is as close to perfection as you can get.

Till next time



Photo: Fabian Derda