Talking Sh$&!

My boys went on the trip this week. Hubby surprised Noah with a trip to Boston and New York. Two days full of train, subway and plane rides. I am exhausted just thinking about this trip, but boys came back with the biggest smiles on their faces.

I have been sharing this story of their trip with some of my colleagues and than one person says: “if you keep spoiling him (Noah) so much, he is going to grow up to be ungrateful person”….. I was like OK….

I just don’t get why people have to judge everyone based on their own life. It’s my life, my personality, my style, my opinion, my point of view, and  it will be always different than yours.

I really do not have to explain myself, however just for fun I explained it to the person that Noah does not play any paid for sports/camps, he is not into basketball, football or soccer. His interest are trains and everything that is associated with trains. And what is so horrible with spending time with our son? What is so horrible with us providing him the opportunity to grow his knowledge? What is so horrible in wanting my child to see the world? To see him open his eyes so wild and absorb all this that it’s around him. What is so horrible about that?

I think us spending time with him, allowing him to explore the world, seeing him the happiest he could be is filling my/our heart and soul with so much joy.

So to answer this personal question is, NO!!!I am not worried at all that we might be spoiling our kid. I prefer this over him watching TV all day, every day.

Have you ever experienced people making assumptions about you and your family?

Let me know how do you deal with that kind of invasion of privacy!

Shirt – Mendocino// biker shorts – Aritzia// slides – Givenchy // Bag – Prada

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Photo by: Fabian Derda


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