Family Tradition June

We are back with family tradition series…. This one is super simple, but it’s our “quite time” together. We typically choose Friday as the fam jam day, but not always.

We would go to one of our favourite local restaurant, we could take a train ride, walk on the beach and ice cream or just a have pizza day at home.

Majority of the time we try to put our phones/iPad etc. away and just talk about our day, joke and be present in the moment. I secretly can tell you that this little family tradition is my absolute favourite. There is something magical about those moments. Noah tells us some silly story, then my husband will jumps-in with work story and majority of the time  Noah would respond with:  “no way Dad, that is so cool”.

I want this to hold on to those moments so much, so Noah can continue those when he has his own little family.


Jumpsuit – Lunia Bonder // Bag – Gucci // Slides – Hermes

Till next time,



Photos: Fabian Derda






  1. cdahonick

    Fantastic tradition! Being in the moment is so important! We often play board games or go for nature walks and count the number of a certain item that we see. Yesterday it was Canada flags! So important to just have fun together and listen to the crazy stories that they come up with. #memories

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