When was the last time you had some RnR? Since becoming a mom I must admit that it’s a difficult task, as the weekends are no longer just for relaxation, but for thousands different things and activities. I cannot believe it’s already end of June and literally almost every weekend there is something going on.

I am not complaining I love spending time with our family and friends, and this is the reason I set up for myself small relaxing moments that I cherish and appreciate.

If you a busy individual and you find it hard to block weekend or a day just for you to rejuvenate and refresh try setting a smaller relaxation goals… believe me it still feels nice.

1. Book a massage

One hour of your time. You can have a person come to your home if you like as well. Which will eliminate the travel time.

2. Have coffee date by yourself or with a friend

Just have a coffee, tea, juice, cupcakes whatever you like as long as it brings smile to your face… sit outdoors and relax.

3. Book appointment at the spa

It could be a facial or body treatment, something just for you, something special and relaxing

5. Get a mani/pedi

Enjoy a quite time during your service, read a magazine, or listen to your favourite music.

6. Take a walk, hike or bike ride

No, you don’t need company if you just want to walk and relax.

I am enjoying these little moments and I appreciate every one of them. I treat myself to those small thing, so I can accomplish bigger ones. Amazing things happen when you love yourself and take time to relax.

Jean jacket, top and joggers – Aritzia // Slides – Hermes

Till next time, xo


Photos: Fabian Derda


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