Post Fiesta

I hope all of you had an amazing Easter and enjoyed family time.

We have had a bitter sweet family gathering as my brother and his family are heading back to Europe in two short months.

When I first moved to Canada, I had only my husband family and I love them, but I missed my peeps.

Few years ago my brother ventured over here to see if they can settle in Canada. Their kids have grown and went in exploring Europe and my brother decided to follow.

I know that this is their life, they need to do what is best for them, but it’s so sad to see them pack and leave me behind.

Our family has this bond thing lol where we kind of feed of each other. My brother is annoying at times, but he is also loving and cares for Noah more than I would have ever dreamed. He is sweet and compassionate, and I got so use to having him around.

And there is my sister-in law that I adore. And Fabian, my go to for everything. My ride and die. Saying goodbye will suck. I already hate the time passing by….

Sweater -Loop & Stitch // Jeans – American Eagle, those are 7 years old // Shoes – Dior // Bag – Fendi

Till next time, xo


Photos: Fabian Derda


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