Have you ever been shamed as a parent that your child doesn’t do this or that?

And if yes, what makes you more angry the disrespectful invasion of privacy or people being just rude.

I think for me it’s both! I have been judged on numerous occasions that Noah doesn’t play any sports. We have tried soccer he went once for 10 min and then waited by the car refusing to play. When asked if he wanted to play hockey, he said “why”.

The only thing that he likes is swimming and that is what he does. We have swim classes for him once a week.

I have heard the judgemental comments about the fact that he will be a nerd and that he just learned how to ride a bike… I as his parent accept him just the way he is. I don’t have a need to make him into someone he is not comfortable to be. He is healthy and happy kid with knowledge of transportation greater than many adults and I couldn’t be happier for him. Seeing him learning, exploring, teaching me is as rewarding as hockey tournament.

As parents, I think we should support each other, as it’s already hard enough for us to be dealing with some many day to day struggles. Also, the kids are watching, so let’s be kind.

We already have enough wrong in this world.

Let me know your thoughts on this?

Sweater – Loop & Stitch // Bodysuit- Grey Clothing // Joggers – Aritzia // Shoes – Christian Louboutin

Till next time, xo


Photos: Fabian Derda


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