Fam jam April edition

Family tradition April edition is here and it’s something we started about 4 years ago. This one is more between hubby and myself,although Noah is participating sometimes (more and more as he is getting bigger).

We teach each other something new each month. Hubby for example will teach me how to change furnace filters, or setup sprinklers in the garden, or how to follow the energy saving plan (which I still refuse to follow).

I will teach him how to make brownies that Noah loves, how to iron his shirts (which my dad thought me based on his military experience), how to cook chicken soup etc.

We enjoy teaching each other which is not always easy, but always fun (until someone, me LOL, is pissed hahahahaha) .

I feel like this way we both appreciate so much more what the other person does.

Have you ever try learning something new from your family member?

Kimono suit – Lunia Bonder // Flats – Christian Louboutin

Till next time, xo


Photos: Fabian Derda


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