Sneakers vs. Heels

I must admit, at first biker shorts trend was not my thing at all. It wasn't until Lunia designed longer blazer and the idea just came to me “Damn, this would look good with biker shorts”. I have researched different types and materials, and decided to purchase this pair form Aritzia. Those are 82% Nylon [...]

April Favourites

April came and it's gone just like that. I hope the weather is going to improve soon. This month I have few thing I was lasting after and few thing that I have added. Makeup: I have reordered my all time favourite highlighter from Becca. Clothing: I am lasting over these sandals. Also bought the [...]

Post Fiesta

I hope all of you had an amazing Easter and enjoyed family time. We have had a bitter sweet family gathering as my brother and his family are heading back to Europe in two short months. When I first moved to Canada, I had only my husband family and I love them, but I missed [...]


Have you ever been shamed as a parent that your child doesn't do this or that? And if yes, what makes you more angry the disrespectful invasion of privacy or people being just rude. I think for me it's both! I have been judged on numerous occasions that Noah doesn't play any sports. We have [...]

Date Night Outfit

Something I have learned after being married for 17 years that it's important to keep the romance alive. It was definitely easier to do that when it was just the two of us, once Noah was born we got so absorbed by being parents that we have forgotten about being fun, enjoying time just the [...]

Fam jam April edition

Family tradition April edition is here and it's something we started about 4 years ago. This one is more between hubby and myself,although Noah is participating sometimes (more and more as he is getting bigger). We teach each other something new each month. Hubby for example will teach me how to change furnace filters, or [...]


I have been spring cleaning for a week now and it feels so refreshing to organize the house a bit. There is something about Spring that makes me want to clean, organize and part with things I no longer use. I think I am a queen of the last one LOL. I am attached to [...]