Fam jam

Family tradition part 2. Last months I’ve shared our little hockey tradition, post here if you missed it.

Between the three of us (hubby, Noah and myself) we will celebrate each other’s birthday for a whole week.

We will celebrate with family and friends, just on our own, at home, out and about. Whatever we feel like, for one week we let one of us feel even more special than we already do during the day to day.

It’s not so much about gifts, as it is about spending time together, showing that other person that we care, slowing down a bit.

Last year for Noah’s birthday week, we went on the bus to Niagara Falls. When my husband celebrated his birthday this January we went for steak dinner. On my birthday last year boys made me breakfast in bed, which I loved so much.

Let me know what is some of fun traditions your family has. I love to hear from you guys.

Leather Jacket – La Marque // Bodysuit – Aritzia // Joggers – Aritzia // Shoes – Town Shoes, sold out.

Till next time, xo


Photos: Fabian Derda


  1. cdahonick

    Love these traditions! For Maja and Alexis, I pull them out of school half way through the day and let them pick where they want to go. Last year they wanted to play at Ikea. This year they opted for Aladins Adventures and wanted Babcia to come too! Because they were born almost 4 months prematurely, we also recognize March 23, what should have been their birthday.

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