Are we there yet…

We might be still few weeks away from double digits, but Spring is coming next week and I am so excited.

My outfits will get lighter and I will slowly ditch boots for some cute flats.

Hubby and I are looking for vacation destinations, we never been to Mexico, so that is one of the number once on our list.

I organized my closet and made a small list of what I would like to add to my closet to refresh it for spring.

  1. White dress blouse or dress shirt. I am looking for something simple, ideal for work, preferably in silk.
  2. White jeans. Every time I bought a pair of white jeans I have had stained them with something. Zara has a great selection of jeans and those are very affordable.
  3. Burgundy pair of heel. I have a pair in mind, but still saving up for those. Lasting over those.

Sweater – Loop & Stitch // Bodysuit – Grey Clothing // Jeans – Banana Republic // Bag – D&G // Shoes – Balenciaga

Till next time, xo

Photos: Fabian Derda


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