Hi Winter

Living in Canada thought me one thing you have to take care of your skin care during winter months. I grew up in Poland where we also experience winter, but somehow Polish winter weather (I lived by Baltic Sea) was rarely that extreme, as it is in Canada.

I take a good care of my skin regularly, but during winter months I give my skin a little extra love. Special treatments and moisturizing helps me to maintain healthy glow.

I always had a dry/dehydrated skin and following a skincare routine was something my mom thought me from early years.

My morning routine is:

1.Face wash


3.Vitamin C

4.Oil serum


6.Eye cream

7.BB cream with SPF 40

My night routine is:

1.Miracle water to wash my face

2.Cream face wash for second cleanse

3.Peeling paths every other day

4.Face mask twice a week



7.Oil serum

8.Eye cream

My favourite treatments at the salon include: peels, OXyGeneo facial, Meso Therapy. All of the products and more information about the treatments are available at MA Natural Beauty Spa.

Coat – Mr&Mrs Italy // Sweater – Hudson’s Bay // Leggings – Aritzia // Boots & Socks – Hunters

Till next time, xo


Photos: Fabian Derda


  1. Helen

    That coat costs how much !!!!???? Jezus woman, you must be out of your mind. Can you please provide some alternatives. Why would you even tag this coat????
    Do you have a sugar daddy or something?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. pauladerda

      Not sure how to even respond to you. Ok, I will try; yes, that is the price for the coat and I really do not need to explain to you why I bought it. Yes, I tag the coat so you can see alternative styles this company offers.
      Yes, I do have a sugar daddy, it’s called working hard…

      At this time I have no post reschedule to provide alternative options for this coats. Jesus woman are out of your mind.

      Thank you for stopping by, please leave now 😘


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