For look number two I picked this Lunia Bonder dress that is as festive, as a holiday season itself.

Two looks with this dress, one with just a simple white pumps and the other look with festive red. Let me know which one you prefer.

Personal note number two: There was this one tradition we had at home when I was a kid. My dad would bring a real Christmas Tree in the morning of Christmas Eve, while my mom and grandma would cook and prepare our meals, Dad and I would listen to Christmas Carolls and decorate the tree. I loved this time with my dad so much. The times have changed and we try to wait as long as possible before we absolutely have to get a tree, which is a week before Christmas.

Sometimes when I place the decorations on the tree and carolls are playing, I will close my eyes and for second I am this excited kid on a Christmas Eve again, dressing up the tree with my papa.

I would love to hear what is your favourite Holiday tradition.

Dress – Lunia Bonder // White Heels – Stuart Weitzman // Red Heels – Winners // Coat – Tiffi

Till next time,xo


Photos: Fabian Derda