Saying No…

I swear after having a child, I became allergic to a word “No”.

I remember few years back when I heard Noah saying his first words (I actually don’t remember if he said mama or dada first, gosh is that horrible of me? Wait, don’t answer that… we will just pretend he said “mama”) LOL

I was so excited for him to start speaking… until terrible twos, threes, fours and now fives started and his favourite word is still “NO”.

It also got progressively worst as his vocabulary became more elaborate. I will nowadays get a “No” following by “you are being mean mommy” or “you hurt my feelings” and I just want to mention that my question was “what would you like to eat for dinner” or “can you please hang your coat”. Please insert my eye roll here.

And Noah is not a bad kid at all. He is eggar to learn and play, he is sweet, helpful and kind, but the kid has a major attitude sometimes…just like his mama. I can say that cause my hubby almost never reads my blog. LOL

There is days Noah is like a little angel, we have a great conversation and awesome time together. And then there are days like last Sunday where all day long all I heard was a fucking “NO”!!!

Is there anything that bothers you that your kid or any other family member does? Let me know I would love to hear from you.

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Talk soon,



Photos: Fabian Derda


  1. Adisa

    Hahahaha I had a really good laugh. It’s like hearing my own kids. But beside “No” I think I’m getting aversion to “WHY” for fucking everything. Yes I get it, inquisitive is very good but c’mon give me a break!!!! 😂

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