Out of time

I looked at the calendar and realized that Christmas is 3 weeks away. How is that possible? Where did my year go? I cannot be the only person in this world that thinks time just passes by way too fast.

I have always been a person that has to be busy at all times. Since I was a teen I had to have things to do, activities, small jobs etc. And to this day I keep myself busy, I have a full time job, part time hobby and I am trying to take care of family and friends, so no one feels left out. I genuinely do this because I want to, it makes me happy.

Maybe this is the reason why my days pass by fast and sometimes I wonder where did the week or month has gone by.

Having said all that I had big plans to create look books with holiday content for the blog, but honestly I am not sure this will happen.

I love being creative and continuously provide interesting content for my readers, but I also need to stay on truck with my full time job that has taken over majority of my time. I am not complaining I LOVE the way my carrier has been progressing and how much I have grown professionally this year alone. This came with some sacrifices, however the end result is very satisfying.

I am working on few holiday looks to give you a little inspiration for the upcoming festive weeks.

I love hearing from you guys and struggles you face on a daily bases. Let me know how is your pre-Christmas preparation going?

Coat – Lunia Bonder //Bodysuit – Aritzia // Jeans – H&M // Booties – Gino Rossi //Bag – Chanel, dupe alternative here


Till next time xo


Photos: Fabian Derda


  1. eladerda

    to wszystko pięknie napisane i potwierdzamy że Nasza córcia ma też codziennie czas dla Rodziców ,pomimo dzielącego Nas oceanu dzwoni codziennie.Kochamy Cię coreczko i życzymy dalszego rozwoju

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