Real talk

Last weekend I spent some time with one of my dear friends and one of the topics that came up was inspiration for writing blog posts. I somehow felt limited to what I wanted to write about on the blog and I thought that I should only write fashion related posts.

What I really want is to write about life, work, motherhood and challenges all of those aspects of my life that is hard or impossible to be perfect at it all.

So today I want to tell you that I am so fucking tired lately, wow it felt good to write that. I am so tired of trying to be perfect at everything. I constantly second guess myself, question myself;

What If I wasn’t perfect at it?

Have I given enough thought?

Am I enough?

Well guess what, it’s never fucking enough. I thought maybe I can stop being so freaking perfect and just be “me” for awhile, I will still do my best, but without the feeling of guilt.

Do you ever get that feeling that you are not enough? It’s so horrible, isn’t it. We should stop doing that to ourselves. We, as women give so much already, we have full time jobs, we take care of the house, the grocery list, the kids, pets, the birthday parties and special occasions dinners, to name a few. Sometimes I wonder how are we not SuperWomen.

At the end of all of this, we might see friends for a coffee or get our nails done. My besties always remind me that self-love is not only important, but also necessary.

So take the time for yourself, reset and enjoy being you.

Jacket – La Marque // Bodysuit – Aritzia // Jeans –H&M // Booties – Stuart Weitzman// Scarf – Aritzia // Bag – Hermes

Talk soon,


Photos: Christie Ressel


  1. eladerda

    to córeczko nazywa sie asertywność i tak powinno wyglądać Nasze życie tylko nieraz za późno o tym myślimy, bo to ,bo tamto a My na szarym końcu.Kocham mocno

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