Weekly OOTD in review


As the weather is getting colder, coats and heavy sweaters are having their glory in my outfits.  Last week’s “outfit of the week” diary is below. I will tag as many brands as possible, some of the pieces are custom made and for those I will link the website so you can check out the designer.

Outfit #1

Sweater – Aritzia // Pants – Aritzia // Shoes – New Balance


Outfit #2

Coat – Lunia Bonder // Bodysuit – Aritzia // Pants  – Tiffi, Poland // Shoes – Gino Rossi


Outfit #3

Sweater – Loop & Stitch // Bodysuit – Aritzia // Jeans  – Lee // Shoes – Gucci // Belt – Hermes


Outfit #4

Sweater – Aritzia // Pants  – Lunia Bonder // Shoes – Aquazzura // Bag – LV


Outfit #5

Sweater – Loop & Stitch // Bodysuit – Aritzia, not shown // Pants  – Aritzia // Shoes – New Balance 


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  1. Rachel

    This clearly proofs that not everyone should be a blogger. I am sorry sweetie but you have nothing to contribute to fashion world. Boring content, uneventful clothing and poor picture quality. IMO you should stop. Xoxo


    1. Mar

      Rachel you just a mean person. Just unfollow if you think there is nothing for you here to see. Bye

      Paula, do not pay attention to those people you are great and we love your content

      Liked by 1 person

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