Super Girly

This is a super girly outfit for someone who is not super girly, hahahaha. I bet that confused you for sure. The truth is that even thought I enjoy my shoes, bags and other pretty little things, I was never a “Girly Girl”. I was never a romantic, never dream of being a princess, never even dreamed about how my wedding is going to look like. The truth is until I met my husband I never wanted to get married and have kids. So when I saw this coat and fell in love with it I was in complete shock…lol

The coat is super light, but warm (100% wool), embodied with faux fur in beautiful pastel blue and pink. I am officially obsessed!


Coat – Lunia Bonder // Sweater – Aritzia (on sale Black Friday Deals) // Jeans – One Teaspoon, Aritzia // Sneakers – New Balance, model 620 // Bag – Hermes So Kelly Pm Shoulder Bag (borrowed) // Pompon – Saks

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Photos: Przemek Nierodkiewicz


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