Wish List – Fall 2017

 At the end of every season I clean my closet and make a list of my Fall add-ons. I have noticed that this year I am excited about neutral colour and bright red colour. I love how those two balance and complement each other.
Below are my wishlist details
img-set (1)
  1. Chunky Neutral sweater –  I just ordered a wool sweater from Loop & Stitch. I have selected wool that is a mix of cold pastel colours (violet, blue, grey, pink). This will be the only sweater I plan to add to my wardrobe this Fall season. I have dry cleaned my previously purchased sweaters and all of them are still in great condition. If you are looking for a chunky sweater I found give this and this a try.
  2. Bright Blazer – Love the red on red and red on pink trend right now. So vibrant and electric. I have ordered my red blazer from Lunia Bonder, but I am also loving this,  this and this. I am so excited to throw on this fire red blazer on all black outfit, or nude dress, or white lace dress. So many possibilities when you are playing with classic colours.
  3. Lipstick in nude or rose – I am obsessed with the way Tom Ford lipsticks look on and stay on. I am not someone who owns a lot of lipsticks but when I do invest in lipstick it has to be absolute dream and this one from Tom Ford is just that. Available here.
  4. Classic Coat in Carmell/nude/light brown – This is one of the wardrobe staples I am missing from my closet. I have been looking for a perfect colour and fit and this year I am determent to find “the one”. I have been talking to one of favourite designers Lunia Bonder to design for me the coat that will have it all (shape, colour and style I want). I cannot wait to see what has come out from our brainstorming. See similar styles here, here and here.
  5. Brown Boots – I am obsessed with finding a perfect pair of brown boots. Ever since I saw this Netflix series “Gypsy” Starring Naomi Watts (picture below), I want brown boots. I actually want all of her outfits in that series, sooo good. The only pair that I currently like are those  (the price is keeping me away, but those are sooo good).Naomi-Watts--Filming-Gypsy--03
  6. Fragrance – Since last winter I am in love with “heavy”  perfume and Tom Ford once more is my fave. I current own Black Orchid perfume but I am tempted to try this one as well.


Thank you for reading,



Images: Polyvore created by me and Google image.


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