Investment Pieces

In my opinion investing in piece of clothing should give us endless options to wear it. I like to transform my clothing from day to night and from work to play. Clothing is only worth investing in when it gives you option to expand your wardrobe.

This dress was an investment piece and I wore it almost everyday for past few days.  Let me show you how easy it is to transform one dress by just switching accessories.

Outfit #1 Work wear

Dress – Lunia Bonder // Shoes – Christian Louboutin // Leather Briefcase – No name, gift


Outfit #2 Date Night

Dress – Lunia Bonder // Shoes – Manolo Blahnik


Outfit #3 Girls Night out

Dress – Lunia Bonder // Shoes – Bandolino, old // Bag – Chanel


Outfit #4 Weekend Wear

Dress – Lunia Bonder // Shoes – Adidas – Stan Smith  // Bag – Hermes


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Photos: Przemek Nierodkiewicz



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