Mother’s Day

For today’s post I have a special guest joining me, my little boy Noah. He really makes everyday better, but especially over the Mother’s day weekend, he made sure mama gets extra kisses and snuggles. The “I love you mommy” is by far the best words I could ever hear.

As a mother, daughter and daughter-in-law I try to set an example to my son and explain the need of celebration of those beautiful days, like Mothers Day and not to concentrate on the materialistic part, but on spending quality time together. Gifts are always nice, don’t get me wrong, however the precious moments together cannot be replaced by any gift or flowers.

As a mother, this is a special day to be appreciated and loved by this little human being.

As a daughter, I want to make sure my Mom knows how grateful I am for everything she has done for me. For her unconditional love, support and respect to make my own decisions.

As a daughter-in-law, I am grateful for my mom-in-law for raising such a fine man, my husband. For teaching him how to treat women.


Trench – Burberry // Top – Ariztia // Jeans – GAP // Mules – Chanel // Bag – LV

Noah’s outfit – Vest, Sweater, joggers – Reserved (Poland) // Shoes – Adidas

To all your mom’s out there for human or furry babies, today is your day enjoy.



Photos: Przemek Nierodkiewicz




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