My Favourite vacation outfits

This post will be a bit of a throw back, but I wanted to share with my fave vacation looks. Having said that I have a little bit of a confession to make, I am the laziest vacation dresser. If I could I would wear one T-shirt or white shirt and cotton shorts all day everyday. Sometimes that is not possible, as we need to dressed up a bit for dinner or destination wedding.

Your vacation might be coming up and this post might give you an idea what to pack and how to coordinate your outfits.

My first rule, while packing for vacation is my fancy heels stay home. I know many of you will find this absolutely ridiculous, but in my defence I need to be dressed up almost every day for work and vacation for me is something I want to enjoy and dress super comfortably.



I also like to stay really comfy while travelling. Loose light pants, camisole and jean jacket hit the mark with me. This would be my ultimate travelling outfit, if I had to pick just one.


I always bring a white shirt, or white cotton shirt dress and I would wear that over my bathing suit everyday to the beach.

Shirt is GAP, but I also love this and this.


White linen dress will be perfect for hot days. This one is from Banana Republic.


I really enjoy a black bathing suits, they always look so stylish and classic. I do own a colourful bikinis, but the black colour once are my favourite.




If I have to take a fancy dress with me on vacation it must be something light weight and in vibrant colour. This dress was custom made by Lunia Bonder. We have actually attended a wedding in Jamaica and this dress was perfect for beautiful wedding day on the beach.


Below is my beach dress transformed for an evening dress by adding a belt and colourful clutch.




Thank you for reading,



Photos: Pinterest, Kasia Madej, Przemek Nierodkiewicz



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